Venue and arrival information


The participants will stay at the MPI guesthouse which is on the same site as the workshop:

Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics
Ihnestrasse 73
14195 Berlin

In this map, the guest house is labelled (b). We will have a key to your room in the Computational Biology (Vingron Abteilung), on floor 3 EG. Enter the building at (a), go up to the floor 3 EG and find the office of Matt Huska.

In case you have a problem, you can call:
Mike: +49 176 5267 3259
Matt: +49 157 8198 1444
Johannes: +49 176 600 18391

Google Map with transit lines


You should plan an arrival for Thursday May 2nd and departure on Sunday May 5th.

Information for getting your key is written above.

Dinner is self-organized on Thursday. There are a number of restaurants at Dahlem-Dorf, a nearby station on the U3 and a 20 minute walk from the MPI.

The workshop will officially start on Friday morning at 9:30 am.

Public transportation

At the public transportation site for Berlin, BVG, you can enter your airport and "Ihnestr 73" to get directions.

A single ticket will work on U-/S-bahn and buses. You will need an AB ticket, unless you arrive outside of the AB zone, in which case you need an ABC ticket. A single ticket is 2.40/2.80 EUR and is valid for 2 hours.

Nearby stations to the MPI are: